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Electrical Engineering (ST 2018)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Form of Teaching: Full-time student
Start: 2018-08-01
Credits: 240 cr
Duration: 4 years
Language: Finnish
Year of Study
IST1000Basic Skills16
IST1001Introduction to Technical Studies3
IST1002Basics of Technical Mathematics3
IST1003Mechanics 12
IST1004Engineering Communication 13
IST1005Safety at Work and Electrical Work Safety2
IST1006Basics of Electric Power Systems 3
IST2000Electronics and DC Power16
IST2001Basics of Mathematical Software3
IST2002Linear Algebra 12
IST2004Direct Current Circuits2
IST3004Electrical Drawings 3
IST2005Electrical Measurements 2
IST2006Basics of Electronics2
IST2007Measurement Technology Project2
IST3000AC Power and Magnetism20
IST3001Differential Calculus2
IST2003Electricity and Magnetism 13
IST3002Alternating Current Circuits3
IST3003Electrical Measurements, Alternating Current 3
IST3005Project Work3
IST3007The Real Processes of a Company 3
IST3006Motor Starter Project3
IST4000Electrification of Buildings23
IST4001Integral Calculus2
IST4002Chemistry for Electrical Engineers2
IST4003Swedish as the Second Official Language5
IST4004Calculation Methods of Circuits 5
IST4005Computer Aided Engineering 2
IST4006Electrical Installations5
IST4007Project in Electrification of Buildings2
IST5001Differential Equations and Series2
IST5002Physical Principles of Measurement Technology3
IST5003Programming Basics 5
IST5004Programmable Logic Controllers5
IST6000Electric Power Distribution19
IST6001Principles of Energy Technology2
IST6002Written Communication for Technology Students in English3
IST6003Electrical Utilities3
IST6004Electric Power Networks3
IST6005Electrical Safety Examination 2
IST6006Simulation of Electric Power Systems3
IST6007Power Distribution Project3
IST7000Electrical Drives21
IST7001Mechanics 22
IST7002Oral Communication for Technology Students in English2
IST7003Transient Analysis 2
IST7004Frequency Analysis 2
IST7005Power Electronics5
IST7006Electric Machines5
IST7007Project on Utilisation of Electrical Engineering3
IST8000Control Logic15
IST8001Engineering Communication 2 2
IST8002Basics of Data Transmission5
IST8003Electrical Design Applications3
IST8004Control Logic Project 5
ISTS1000Power Distribution20
ISTS1100Power Distribution Systems10
ISTS1101Relay Protection3
ISTS1102Engineering of Electrical Systems in Buildings3
ISTS1103Design of Distribution Networks2
ISTS1104Power Distribution Systems Project 2
ISTS1200Automation Applications in Power Distribution10
ISTS1201Distribution Automation2
ISTS1202Security and Communications Systems in Buildings 3
ISTS1203Automation in Buildings3
ISTS1204Power Distribution Automation Project 2
ISTS2000Industrial Electrification and Automation30
ISTS2100Equipment in Industrial Electrification and Their Control10
ISTS2101Motor Drive Control and Protection4
ISTS2102Control and Supervision Systems 4
ISTS2103Motor Control Project 2
ISTS2200Industrial and Power Plant Networks and Their Automation10
ISTS2201Power Systems in Industry and Power Plants 4
ISTS2202Industrial Automation and Field Instrumentation 4
ISTS2203Project in Electrical and Automation Systems 2
ISTS2300Power Electronic Drive Systems10
ISTS2301Closed Loop Motor Control 4
ISTS2302Control Applications for Electrical Drives 4
ISTS2303Project in Controlled Electrical Drives 2
ISTS3000Project Studies10