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Electric Power Distribution

Structure Type: Study module
Code: IST6000
Type: Compulsory / Basic Studies
Curriculum: ST 2018
Level: Bachelor of Engineering
Credits: 19 cr
Responsible Teacher: Koski, Jari
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Learning Outcomes

The student is familiar with the operating principles of the components used in electrical utilities and with the factors that need to be considered when choosing the components. The student has a comprehension of calculation of electric power networks, their structure and management of fault situations.
The student has a perception of the physical fundaments of energy productions and the basic processes of a power plant. The student knows the requirements set by electrical safety regulations to the electric equipment. The student will be familiar with the possibities of simulation in the study of power systems.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

During the study units of the thread components of electrical utilities, switching station structures, calculation methods of electric power networks and basic properties are dealt with. The physical fundaments of energy production and the knowledge required to pass the Electrical Safety Exam will be dealt with. The operation of the power systems will be modelled with simulation programs. The study units include calculation examples and applications. The student will complete assignments independently. Experimental measurements will be completed in groups in the laboratory. Knowledge acquired in the study units is applied in the Power Distribution Project of which a report is written in English.