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AC Power and Magnetism

Structure Type: Study module
Code: IST3000
Type: Compulsory / Basic Studies
Curriculum: ST 2018
Level: Bachelor of Engineering
Credits: 20 cr
Responsible Teacher: Koski, Jari
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Learning Outcomes

The student knows the most important quantities related to magnetism and AC power and understands various related phenomena. The student can read electritechnical drawings and can produce them. S/he also is able to perform the most common measuring methods and connections for AC quantities. In addition, s/he understands the principles of computer-based measuring methods and configurations. The student also can solve mathematical tasks related to magnetism and AC power. The student understands parametres related to business activities and factors that have effect on them and can perform profitability calculations.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

IST1000 Basic Skills
IST2000 Electronics and Direct Current

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

During the study units, the theories related to the topic are dealt with, together with calculation examples and applications. The student will complete assignments independently. Laboratory exercises are completed in groups in the laboratory.