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Information Technology (IT 2024)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Form of Teaching: Full-Time Studies
Start: 2024-08-01
Credits: 240 cr
Duration: 4 years
Language: English
Year of Study
IT2024-1002General Engineering Competencies10
IT00BP68Introduction to Engineering Studies5
IT00BP69Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Business5
IT2024-1003Languages and Thesis Process15
IT00BP84Finnish 15
IT00BP85Finnish 25
IT00BL10Oral and Written Communication in English5
IT2024-1004Mathematics and Natural Sciences20
IT00BP71Engineering Mathematics 15
IT00BP73Engineering Physics 15
IT00BP72Engineering Mathematics 25
IT00BP74Engineering Physics 25
IT2024-1005Basics of ICT15
IT00BL17Operating Systems and Domain Services5
IITB6006Linux Operating System4
IITS2206Fieldbuses and Internet3
IITB6002Cyber Security3
IT2024-1006Basics of Programming15
IITB6001Introduction to Programming5
IT00BL18C Programming5
IITB8003Object Oriented Programming5
TT00BI67Front-end Development (Software Engineering)5
IT2024-1007Basics of Application Development20
IITB8002Application Development4
IT00BL20Agile Software Development3
IT00BP75Databases and Open Interfaces5
IT00BL21Online Environment Tools (Software Engineering)5
IITB8005Software Testing5
IT00BL22Socket Programming3
IT2024-1008Basics of Embedded Systems20
IITB9001Digital Electronics5
IITB9002Basics of Embedded Systems5
IT00BL23Computer Aided Design of Electronics (Embedded Systems)5
IT00BL24Microprocessors, Controllers and Interfacing (Embedded Systems)5
IITB9005Energy Technology ICT5
IT2024-1009Basics of Data Networks10
IITB7001Local Area Networks5
IITB7002Principles of Telecommunications5
IT2024-1011Smart Solutions20
TT00BI73Client-Side Programming5
TT00BI75Mobile App Development5
TT00BI76Software Engineering Methods5
IT2024-1012Cloud Services20
TT00BI77Insights in Software Engineering5
TT00BI78Cloud Computing5
TT00BI79Server-Side Programming5
IITS3303Software Engineering Project5
IT2024-1013Industrial Embedded Systems20
IT00BL25Microcontroller Laboratory Excecises5
IT00BL26Design of Digital Devices5
IT00BL27Real-time Operating Systems5
IITS2107Embedded Systems Design5
IT2024-1014Product Development of Embedded Systems20
IITS2205Sensor and Control Technology5
TT00BI83FPGA Circuits and VHDL Programming5
TT00BI84Embedded Systems Programming5
TT00BI85Embedded Systems Project5
IT2024-1015Networking Technology15
IT00BL28TCP / IP Networks5
IT00BL29Network Security5
IITS3102Wireless Networks5
IT2024-1016Advanced Technical Mathematics and Physics15
IT00BP76Real Analysis5
IT00BP77Complex Analysis5
IT00BP78Field Theory5
IT2024-1017Basics of Battery Technology15
IT00BL33Battery 1015
IT00BL34Basics of Battery Chemistry5
IT00BL38Battery Value Chain5
IT2024-1018Project Studies15
IT2024-1021Applications of Battery Technology20
IT00BL36Electrical Energy Storages5
IT00BL37Electric Vehicle Charging Stations5
IT00BL35Battery Power Sources and Hybrid Systems5 / fi / VAPVAL5
IT00BP82Practical Training30
IT00BP79Bachelor’s Thesis, Planning and Initiation3
IT00BP80Bachelor’s Thesis, Theory and Implementation6
IT00BP81Bachelor’s Thesis, Final Stage6