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Sensor and Control Technology

Rakennetyyppi: Opintojakso
Koodi: IITS2205
Tyyppi: Pakollinen valinnainen (vaihtoehtoinen) / Ammattiopinnot
OPS: IT 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023 / 2024
TT 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023 / 2024 / V2022 / V2024
Taso: Insinööri (AMK)
Opiskeluvuosi: 3 (2018-2019 / 2019-2020 / 2020-2021 / 2021-2022 / 2022-2023 / 2023-2024 / 2024-2025 / 2025-2026 / 2026-2027)
Laajuus: 5 op
Vastuuopettaja: Menani, Smail
Opetuskieli: Englanti


1I-IT-3N, I-TT-3N, YHT-VY-27.1.2019 – 1.4.2019Smail MenaniEnglanti10.12.2018 – 14.1.2019
2I-IT-3N, I-TT-3N, YHT-VY-27.1.2020 – 21.2.2020Smail MenaniEnglanti16.12.2019 – 14.1.2020
3001TT2018-3, TT2018-3C, TT2018-3D4.1.2021 – 2.5.2021Smail MenaniEnglanti17.8.2020 – 10.1.2021
3002IT2018-3, IT2018-3C, IT2018-3D, VY-3-ICAT4.1.2021 – 2.5.2021Smail MenaniEnglanti17.8.2020 – 10.1.2021
3004IT2019-3C, IT2019-3D, TT2019-3B, VY-3-ICAT3.1.2022 – 1.5.2022Smail MenaniEnglanti1.12.2021 – 10.1.2022
3007IT2020-3, IT2020-3C, TT2020-3, TT2020-3C, VY-3-ICAT, YHT-VY-1, YHT-VY-2, YHT-VY-20, YHT-VY-21, YHT-VY-229.1.2023 – 29.4.2023Smail MenaniEnglanti1.12.2022 – 9.1.2023
3009TT2021-3, TT2021-3B, TT2021-3D, VY-2, VY-2-ICAT8.1.2024 – 30.4.2024Smail MenaniEnglanti1.12.2023 – 12.1.2024
3010IT2021-3, IT2021-3B8.1.2024 – 31.7.2024Smail MenaniEnglanti1.12.2023 – 12.1.2024
3011TT2022-3, TT2022-3C, TT2022-3D, VY-2, VY-2-ICAT7.1.2025 – 30.4.2025Smail MenaniEnglanti1.12.2024 – 13.1.2025
3013IT2022-3, IT2022-3B7.1.2025 – 30.4.2025Smail MenaniEnglanti1.12.2024 – 13.1.2025

Alla oleva kuvaus koskee lukuvuotta: 2024-2025


The course provides the students an understanding of the essentials of control with practical instructions to the basic fundamental concepts of feedback theory. The course will help the students to gain a basic understanding of system behavior, control system components and implementation. The course will also demonstrate the use of sensors in different control system application. After completing the course, the student will be able to describe and analyze dynamic control systems and feedback controls mathematically and understand how to use computer simulation programs to analyze and solve control problems. He/She can describe the main principles and features of basic control algorithms, and he/she can select sensors for control applications. The student is able to tell about the importance of control technology to the local energy industry, and he/she can design and implement a dynamic control system.

Opiskelijan työmäärä

135 h, which contains 50 h of scheduled contact studies.
The assessment of student’s own learning 1 h is included in contact lessons.

Edeltävät opinnot / Suositellut valinnaiset opinnot

Basics of Mathematical Software, Differential Equations and Series, Basics of Embedded Systems


Closed loop Systems and their models, Dynamic Behavior of System Components, Analysis of Feedback Systems, Design of feedback systems. Sensor types and their applications. Use of MATLAB and Simulink analysis and simulation of control systems. Use of Arduino or similar embedded system to implement and test simple control algorithms.


Text book: Essentials of Control. J. Schwarzenback. Material prepared by the teacher.

Opetusmuoto / Opetusmenetelmät

Lectures, assignments, laboratory exercises and possibility of doing a project in a group (Max 3 students)


Grade 5: Student is able to use combinations of the methods taught on the course, also in other contexts.
Grade 3: Student can independently apply the methods taught on the course.
Grade 1: Student can by following instructions use the methods taught on the course.


Home assignments, projects, laboratory exercises, an examination.


Vastuuorganisaatio: VAMK