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Degree Programme in Nursing (SH 2024K)

Degree: Bachelor of Nursing
Form of Teaching: Full-Time Studies
Start: 2025-01-01
Credits: 210 cr
Duration: 3.5 years
Language: Finnish

Year of Study: 1 (2025)

Year: 1234all
SH2024K-1001Communication Skills Competence8
SH00BC90Swedish for Nursing Ixx2
SH00BC93Communication Skills in Social and Health Carex3
SH00BC94Health Councelling Skillsxx3
SH2024K-1002Development of Professionalism8
SH00BC25Studying and Learning Skillsx2
SH00BC26Social and Heath Servicesx3
SH00BC27Client Service Competency and Cultural Diversityxx3
SH2024K-1003Safety at Work and Patient Safety Competence9
SH00BC28Development of Safety at Work and Patient Safetyxx5
SH00BC29Basics of Pharmacotherapyx4
SH2024K-1004Health Promotion in Family Nursing3
SH00BC35Population Health Promotionx3
SH2024K-1005Research and Development Competence7
SH00BC36Nursing Science and Evidence Based Practicexx4
SH00BC39Basics of Welfare Technologyxx3
SH2024K-1006Clinical Nursing11
SH00BC48Anatomy and Physiology, pathologyx5
SH00BC42Basics of Clinical Nursingx6
SH2024K-1008Clinical Placement14
SH00BD05Memory Friend Actionx4
SH00BD06Introduction at Clinical Nursing Practicexx10