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Degree Programme in Nursing (SH 2024K)

Degree: Bachelor of Nursing
Form of Teaching: Full-Time Studies
Start: 2025-01-01
Credits: 210 cr
Duration: 3.5 years
Language: Finnish
Year of Study
SH2024K-1001Communication Skills Competence14
SH00BC89English for Nursing3
SH00BC90Swedish for Nursing I2
SH00BC91Swedish for Nursing II2
SH00BC92Swedish for Nursing III1
SH00BC93Communication Skills in Social and Health Care3
SH00BC94Health Councelling Skills3
SH2024K-1002Development of Professionalism8
SH00BC25Studying and Learning Skills2
SH00BC26Social and Heath Services3
SH00BC27Client Service Competency and Cultural Diversity3
SH2024K-1003Safety at Work and Patient Safety Competence13
SH00BC28Development of Safety at Work and Patient Safety5
SH00BC29Basics of Pharmacotherapy4
SH00BC30Deepening Skills of Pharmacotherapy4
SH2024K-1004Health Promotion in Family Nursing18
SH00BC35Population Health Promotion3
SH00BC31Sexual and Reproductive Health4
SH00BC32Pediatric and Adolescent Nursing and Health Promotion4
SH00BC33Heath Councelling Skills at a nurses`s appointment4
SH00BC34Gerontological Nursing3
SH2024K-1005Research and Development Competence17
SH00BC36Nursing Science and Evidence Based Practice4
SH00BC37Basics of Research and Development in Social and Heath Care3
SH00BC38Research Methods4
SH00BC39Basics of Welfare Technology3
SH00BC40Nursing Management and Development3
SH2024K-1006Clinical Nursing35
SH00BC48Anatomy and Physiology, pathology5
SH00BC42Basics of Clinical Nursing6
SH00BC43Medical Nursing6
SH00BC44Work with Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Violence6
SH00BC45Surgical and Perioperative Nursing6
SH00BC46Palliative Nursing3
SH00BC47Working with Clients with Disabilites3
SH2024K-1007Sairaanhoitajan syventävät opinnot13
SH00BE41Professional Nursing2
SH00BC49Deepening Expertice of Perioperative Nursing5
SH00BC50Deepening Expertice of Pediatric and Adolescent Nursing5
SH00BC51Deepening Expertice of Acute Nursing5
SH00BC95Deepening Expertice of Mental Health5
SH00BD01Deepening Expertice of Palliative Nursing5
SH00BC96Intensive Care Nursing3
SH00BC97Elderly as a Social and Healthcare Client3
SH00BC98Therapeutical Methods3
SH00BC99Work with Criminal Sanction and Forensic Psychiatry care3
SH00BD00Entrepreneurship in Social and Health Care3
SH2024K-1008Clinical Placement75
SH00BD05Memory Friend Action4
SH00BD06Introduction at Clinical Nursing Practice10
SH00BD07Clinical Placement, Mental Health Care10
SH00BD08Clinical Placement, Primary Care and Specialized Health Care I10
SH00BD09Clinical Placement, Primary Care and Specialized Health Care II10
SH00BD10Clinical Placement, Pediatric Care and Outpatient Clinic7
SH00BD11Clinical Placement, Home Care7
SH00BD12Advanced Clinical Nursing Practice17
SH2024K-1009Optional Studies2
OP00BO47Bachelor’s thesis, Planning and Initiation3
OP00BO48Bachelor’s thesis, Theory and Implementation6
OP00BO49Bachelor’s thesis, Final Stage6