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International Business Management (IBM 2021)

Degree: Master of Business Administration
Form of Teaching: Blended Learning
Start: 2021-08-01
Credits: 90 cr
Duration: 3 years
Language: English

Year of Study: 1 (2021-2022)

Year: 1all
IBM2021-1001Shared Master Competence10
TL00BD14Research Communicationx2
TL00BD15Quantitative Researchx3
TL00BD16Qualitative and Action Researchx3
TL00BD17Research and Development Task as a Processx2
IBM2021-1002Business Development20
TL00BD18Service Design and Business Environmentx5
TL00BD19Organizational Developmentx5
TL00BD20Leadership and Managementx5
TL00BD21Energy Businessx5
IBM2021-1003Elective Studies30
SSYS1601Financial managementxx4
TL00BG15Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Businessxx3
TL00BG16Lean Six Sigmaxx5
IBM2021-1007Master Thesisxx30
IB00BN01Master Thesis30