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Electrical Engineering (ST 2021)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Form of Teaching: Full-Time Studies
Start: 2021-08-01
Credits: 240 cr
Duration: 4 years
Language: Finnish
Year of Study
ST2021-1002Basic Skills16
IST1001Introduction to Technical Studies3
IST1002Basics of Technical Mathematics3
IST1003Mechanics 12
IST1004Engineering Communication 13
IST1005Safety at Work and Electrical Work Safety2
IST1006Basics of Electric Power Systems 3
ST2021-1003Electronics and DC Power16
IST2001Basics of Mathematical Software3
IST2002Linear Algebra 12
IST2004Direct Current Circuits2
IST3004Electrical Drawings 3
IST2005Electrical Measurements 2
IST2006Basics of Electronics2
IST2007Measurement Technology Project2
ST2021-1004AC Power and Magnetism20
IST3001Differential Calculus2
IST2003Electricity and Magnetism 13
IST3002Alternating Current Circuits3
IST3003Electrical Measurements, Alternating Current 3
IST3005Project Work3
IST3007The Real Processes of a Company 3
IST3006Motor Starter Project3
ST2021-1005Electrification of Buildings23
IST4001Integral Calculus2
IST4002Chemistry for Electrical Engineers2
IST4003Swedish as the Second Official Language5
XXP0000Swedish oral skills
XXP0001Swedish writing skills
IST4004Calculation Methods of Circuits 5
IST4005Computer Aided Engineering 2
IST4006Electrical Installations5
IST4007Project in Electrification of Buildings2
IST5001Differential Equations and Series2
IST5002Physical Principles of Measurement Technology3
IST5003Programming Basics 5
IST5004Programmable Logic Controllers5
ST2021-1007Electric Power Distribution19
IST6001Principles of Energy Technology2
IST6002Written Communication for Technology Students in English3
IST6003Electrical Utilities3
IST6004Electric Power Networks3
IST6005Electrical Safety Examination 2
IST6006Simulation of Electric Power Systems3
IST6007Power Distribution Project3
ST2021-1008Electrical Drives21
IST7001Mechanics 22
IST7002Oral Communication for Technology Students in English2
IST7003Transient Analysis 2
IST7004Frequency Analysis 2
IST7005Power Electronics5
IST7006Electric Machines5
IST7007Project on Utilisation of Electrical Engineering3
ST2021-1009Control Logic15
IST8001Engineering Communication 2 2
IST8002Basics of Data Transmission5
IST8003Electrical Design Applications3
IST8004Control Logic Project 5
ST2021-1011Power Distribution20
ST2021-1012Power Distribution Systems10
ISTS1101Relay Protection3
ISTS1102Engineering of Electrical Systems in Buildings3
ISTS1103Design of Distribution Networks2
ISTS1104Power Distribution Systems Project 2
ST2021-1013Automation Applications in Power Distribution10
ISTS1201Distribution Automation2
ISTS1202Security and Communications Systems in Buildings 3
ISTS1203Automation in Buildings3
ISTS1204Power Distribution Automation Project 2
ST2021-1014Industrial Electrification and Automation30
ST2021-1015Equipment in Industrial Electrification and Their Control10
ISTS2101Motor Drive Control and Protection4
ISTS2102Control and Supervision Systems 4
ISTS2103Motor Control Project 2
ST2021-1016Industrial and Power Plant Networks and Their Automation10
ISTS2201Power Systems in Industry and Power Plants 4
ISTS2202Industrial Automation and Field Instrumentation 4
ISTS2203Project in Electrical and Automation Systems 2
ST2021-1017Power Electronic Drive Systems10
ISTS2301Closed Loop Motor Control 4
ISTS2302Control Applications for Electrical Drives 4
ISTS2303Project in Controlled Electrical Drives 2
ST2021-1018Project Studies10
IXV0100Tandem svenska - kommunikativa kunskaper