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Hotel and Restaurant Business (R-HL S1998A)

Degree: Bachelor of Hospitality Management
Form of Teaching: Full-time student
Start: 1998-08-14
Credits: 210 cr
Duration: 3.5 years
Language: Finnish
RHL11000Common Basic Studies
RHL11100Introductory Studies3
YYY11101Studies and Information Acquisition1.5
RHL11200Enterprise and Entrepreneurship13.5
YYY11201Public Economy1.5
YYY11203Basics of Quality Management3
YYY11204Man in the Working Community3
RYY11205Basics of Book-keeping1.5
RYY11206Accommodation as a Business1.5
RHL11300Languages and Communication25.5
YYY11301BFinnish, Written Communication1.5
YYY11305First Official Language, Professional Vocab. in the Hospitality Industry1.5
YYY11303AFirst Official Language, Oral Communication1.5
RYY11312Swedish, Oral Communication1.5
RYY11313Swedish, Written Communication1.5
RYY11314Swedish, Business Correspondence1.5
YYY11311Kommunikation inom arbetslivet (Swedish)3
RYY11322English 11.5
RYY11323English 23
RHL11324English, Professional Vocabulary in the Hospitality Industry1.5
YYY11321Working English4.5
YYY1130EOptional Languages3
YYY11332BGerman, Professional Vocab. in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry
RHL11400Data Processing4.5
YYY11401Basics of Data Processing1.5
YYY11402Computer Networks3
RHL11500Mathematics and Natural Science Studies7.5
RYY11501Basics of Business Mathematics1.5
RYY11502Statistical Mathematics and Research Procedures1.5
RYY11504Basics of Environmental Protection1.5
RYY11505Food Chemistry1.5
RHL12000Professional Basic Studies
RHA12610Professional Basic Modules43.5
RYY1260BBusiness Economics and Legal Norms12
RYY12601Computer-aided Planning in the Hospitality Industry3
RYY12602Alcohol, Laws and Regulations1.5
RYY12603Basics of Labour Legislation, part 11.5
RYY12604Basics of Labour Legislation, part 21.5
RYY12605Operations in Service Business4.5
RYY1261BRestaurant Service6
RYY12611Dining-room service 14.5
RYY12612Oenology 11.5
RYY1262BFood Production15
RYY12621Food Production 17.5
RYY12622Food Studies1.5
RYY12623Nutrition 1, part 11.5
RYY12624Nutrition I, part 21.5
RYY12625Microbiology and Hygiene1.5
RYY12626Product Hygiene and Quality Control1.5
RYY1263BTourism and Accommodation Business Activities4.5
RYY12631Introduction to Tourism1.5
RYY12632Front Office Operations3
RYY1264BLanguage Studies7.5
RYY12641Swedish, Presentation of Enterprise and Product1.5
RYY12642French, Basic Course1.5
RYY12643French, Continuing Course 11.5
RYY12644French, Continuing Course 21.5
RYY12645German, Professional Vocab. in the Tourism Industry1.5
RHL21000Specialisation Alternative: Tourism Management
RHL21101Environment and Types of Business in Tourism1.5
RHL21102Product Planning and Development in Tourism1.5
RHL21103Sales and Marketing in Tourism1.5
RHL21104Travel Reservation and Distribution Systems1.5
RHL21105AOperations Management in Tourism and Accommodation6
RHL21106Rural Tourism as a Business1.5
RHL21107International Tourism1.5
RHL21200Services Marketing15
RHL21201Basics of Marketing1.5
RHL21202Customer Service3
RHL21203Marketing Communication in Service Industry3
RHL21204Marketing Research and Planning3
RHL21205Special Features of Services Marketing1.5
RHL21206Planning and Developing a Business Idea in the Hospitality Industry3
RHL22300Business and Economics Administration15
RHL22301Service Business Management3
RHL22302Basics of Commercial Law1.5
RHL22303Company Taxation1.5
RHL22304Security within the Catering and Accommodation Industry1.5
RHL22305Service Business Accounting1.5
RHL22306Profitability Calculations in Service Industries1.5
RHL22307Gross Margin Calculations in Service Industries1.5
RHL22308Budget and Finance in Service Industries1.5
RHL22309Internal and External Control1.5
RHL21300Tourism and Accomodation Service15
RHL21301Experim. Tourism and Programme Serv.1.5
RHL21302Travel Agency Services1.5
RHL21303Development of Tourism1.5
RHL21304Environmental Management in Tourism1.5
RHL21305Tourism Sociology1.5
RHL21401ASensory Evaluation1.5
RHL21402ARooms and Equipment Planning1.5
RHL21403ALogistics: Purchasing1.5
RHL21404AConference and Banquetting Management I1.5
RHL21405AFood Production and Planning1.5
RHL22000Specialisation Alternativ: Catering and Accommodation Operations
RHL22100Catering and Restaurant Services15
RHL22101Dining Room Service II1.5
RHL22102Conference and Banquetting Management II1.5
RHL22103Dining Room Supervision 13
RHL22104Oenology II1.5
RHL22109Bar studies1.5
RHL21105BOperations Management in Tourism and Accommodation6
RHL22200Studies in the Hospitality Field15
RHL22201Dining Room Staff1.5
RHL22202Food Culture and Eating Trends3
RHL22203Dining Room Supervision II3
RHL21401BSensory Evaluation1.5
RHL21402BRooms and Equipment Planning1.5
RHL21403BLogistics: Purchasing1.5
RHL21404BConference and Banquetting Management I1.5
RHL21405BFood Production and Planning1.5
RHL23000Specialisation Alternative of Food Science and Catering Studies
RHL23100Catering and Restaurant Services15
RHL23101Food Production II3
RHL23102Food Studies1.5
RHL22703Nutrition 21.5
RHL23104Food Production III6
RHL23105Planning Process of Catering Services1.5
RHL23106Food Cultures and Eating Trends1.5
RHL23200Studies in the Hospitality Field15
RHL23201Catering Service Management3
RHL23202Product Development in Catering Services3
RHL23203Planning and Supervision of Sanitation1.5
RHL21401CSensory Evaluation1.5
RHL21402CRooms and Equipment Planning1.5
RHL21403CLogistics: Purchasing1.5
RHL21404CConference and Banquetting Management I1.5
RHL21405CFood Production and Planning1.5