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Mechanical and Production Engineering (KT 2015)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Form of Teaching: Full-time student
Start: 2015-08-01
Credits: 240 cr
Duration: 4 years
Language: Finnish
Year of Study
IKTX0101Analysis of Machine Structure27
IKTP0101Studies and Information Acquisition 2
IKTP0102Computer as a Tool 3
IKTP0103Introduction to Technical Mathematics 5
IKTA0104Materials 3
IKTA0105Machine Shop Measurements3
IKTA0106Work Safety in Mechanical Engineering2
IKTA0108Basics of Engineering Drawing 2
IKTA0109Disassembly Project4
IKTA0207Energy Technology 13
IKTX0202Analysis of Manufacturing Techniques 24
IKTP0107Chemistry in Energy Technology 3
IKTP0201Informative Communication 2
IKTP0202Engineering English 13
IKTP0204Mechanics 4
IKTA0205Computer Aided Drafting (AutoCAD) 2
IKTA0208Assembly Project4
IKTA0604Energy Technology 23
IKTX0302Design and Manufacture of a Gearbox 23
IKTP0203Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra 3
IKTA0206Electrotechnology in Mechanical Engineering 3
IKTA0401Pneumatics and Hydraulics 4
IKTP0307Basics of Mathematical Software 2
IKTA0303Computer Aided Manufacturing4
IKTA0306Gearbox project4
IKTA0305Computer Aided Mechanical Design (Inventor)3
IKTX0402Mechanisms and Controlling Mechanisms 26
IKTP0306Electricity and Magnetism 3
IKTA0302Strength of Materials 3
IKTA0402Mechanical Automation5
IKTA0403Machine Elements3
IKTP0404Basics of Programming (Visual Basic)3
IKTP0405Entrepreneurship and Business Administration 6
IKTP0605Engineering English 23
IKTX0502Product Concept Design22
IKTP0308Differential and Integral Calculus 3
IKTA05013D Modeling and Product Lifecycle Management (NX and Teamcenter)5
IKTP0504Communication and Interaction Skills 3
IKTP0505Engineering Swedish 4
IKTA0506Product Design and Development 14
IKTA0603Robotics 3
IKTX0602Product Development23
IKTP0406Physics of Heat and Wave Motion 3
IKTA0601Cost and Profitability Accounting4
IKTA06023D CAM Programming (NX)4
IKTA0606Leading Networks and Multicultural Teams 3
IKTA0607Product Design and Development 24
IKTP0502Statistics and Probability Theory 2
IKTP0503Basics of Energy Technology 3
IKTS1001Specialisation Option in 3D Mechanical Engineering Design in Energy Industry40
IKTS1110Design of an Energy Technology Device 30
IKTS11013D Product Design (NX)5
IKTS1102Automated Assembly3
IKTS1103Machine Safety and CE-mark 3
IKTS1111Product Design 5
IKTS1108Simultaneous Engineering (NX and Teamcenter)6
IKTS11093D Product Design Project (NX and Teamcenter)8
IKTS1120Engineering of an Energy Technology Device10
IKTS1112Fatique Design 3
IKTS1105Finite Element Methods (Robot Structures)4
IKTS1106Skeletal Structures3
IKTS2001Specialisation Option of International Project Management in Energy Business 40
IKTS2110Projecting Energy Production Plant 30
IKTS4102Project Marketing5
IKTS2105Supply Chain Management in Project 5
IKTS2106Project Control and Follow Up 5
IKTS2111Workshop in International Projects5
IXS4201Company Design and Development5
IKTS2112Project Cost Control5
IKTS2210Automated Production10
IKTS2211Automation Systems4
IKTS2212Robotized Systems6
IKTS3100Project Studies10
IKTS4001International Energy Technology and Management40
IKTS4110Sustainable Energy Management30
IKTS4103Project Management for Energy Business5
IKTS4104Energy and Environment5
IKTS4105Environmental Management in Energy Business5
IKTS4106Supply Chain in Energy Business5
IKTS4109Cost Management in Energy Business5
IKTS4210Project Implementation10
IKTS4101Distributed Energy Engineering5
IKTS4111Project in Energy Systems5
IYTS9300Technical Mathematics
IXS9110Integral Transforms3
IXS9108Vector Analysis3
IXS9109Advanced Analysis4