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International Human Resource Management

Rakennetyyppi: Opintojakso
Koodi: TIS1503
OPS: LT 2023V
Taso: Tradenomi (AMK)
Opiskeluvuosi: 3 (2025-2026)
Lukukausi: Syksy
Laajuus: 3 op
Vastuuopettaja: Lotchi, Kodjovi
Opetuskieli: Englanti

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The course deals with special features that International Human Resource Management possesses compared to the domestic HRM. Objective of the course is to provide understanding of the pros and cons of different ways to organize and control HR in a global organization. A special focus is on how to run successfully foreign assignments and how to take care of the expatriation process.

Opiskelijan työmäärä

Total work load of the course 81 h of which scheduled studies 39 h and autonomous studies 42 h
The assesment of student's own learning 1 h is included in contact lessons.

Edeltävät opinnot / Suositellut valinnaiset opinnot

Organisational Behavior


The student understands the nature and activities of Human Resource Management in an international environment. The student gets familiar with the focal questions of foreign working assignments.


The course provides understanding of international HR-activities so that students can work in international positions of the organizations in the region.


The multicultural setting of the course encourages the internationalization of both domestic and foreign students.


- Pucik, Evans, Björkman, Morris (2017). The Global Challange: International human resource management (3rd edition). Chigaco Business Press.

Opetusmuoto / Opetusmenetelmät

Lectures, project learning, group work, individual studies and presentations.


5 The student critically applies the theories of international human resource management, and produces new information by combining concepts and phenomena. In assignments and reports, the student compares and classifies various sources of information by making justified choices from professional and ethical point of view. In groupwork and discussions, the student acts as a responsible member of a professional group and communicates fluently and consistently. The student analyzes and assesses critically the needs for development in the field.
3 The student fluently utilizes the main concepts and issues of international human resource management, and discusses the issues competently. In assignments and reports, the student combiles information systematically from various scientific sources and is able to assess the correctness of the information. In interactive situations, the student fluently acts and communicates in professional group. Student understands the needs for devleopment in the field and solves professional problems.
1 The student utilizes systematically theories of international human resource management, by communicating about the professional issues. In assignments, the student is able to search and structure important professional information. In interactive situations, the student attends and communicates in professional contexts. Student recognizes the development needs in the field.


Course participation 40% and examination 40% Course Assignment 20%. Numerical (0-5).