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Cost and Project Finance in Energy Business

Rakennetyyppi: Opintojakso
Koodi: IK00BE85
OPS: ET 2021 / KT 2021 / YT 2021
Taso: Insinööri (AMK)
Opiskeluvuosi: 3 (2023-2024)
Lukukausi: Kevät
Laajuus: 5 op
Vastuuopettaja: Agbejule, Adebayo
Opetuskieli: Englanti

Toteutukset lukuvuonna 2023-2024

3001ET2021-3B, KT2021-3B, MX2023-1, YT2021-3B8.1.2024 – 30.4.2024Adebayo AgbejuleSuomi1.12.2023 – 12.1.2024


The objective of the course is directed at the following learning outcome and competences:
developing a solid understanding in the techniques of cost and project finance and the key issues in its practice.
acquiring knowledge in in covering important legal documentation issues and in providing students with the opportunity to undertake project evaluation.
students will gain knowledge how lenders evaluate credit ratings in energy projects and understand major bottlenecks that can jeopardize financial closings and developing skills to tackle cultural barriers between project developers and lenders.

Opiskelijan työmäärä

70h scheduled studies
65h autonomous studies
The assessment of student’s own learning 1 h is included in contact lessons.

Edeltävät opinnot / Suositellut valinnaiset opinnot

Basics of Cost Accounting


Introduction to energy projects and businesses, business and project environment of energy business, basics of project finance and structure, risks and contracts in energy business, tools of cost management in energy business, cost and financial modeling of energy business


Financing energy projects in developed and developing countries


Principles of Project Finance by E.R. Yescombe

Opetusmuoto / Opetusmenetelmät

Lectures, assignments, team works and project work


1: The student is able, with guidance, to utilise the methods learnt during the study unit.
3: The student is able to utilise the methods learnt during the study unit independently.
5: The student is able to utilise the methods learnt during the study unit independently and is able apply the learnt knowledge in new contexts


Active participation, team works, exams and project work