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Electricity and Vibrations

Rakennetyyppi: Opintojakso
Koodi: ET00BN23
OPS: ETE 2024
Taso: Insinööri (AMK)
Opiskeluvuosi: 2 (2025)
Lukukausi: Kevät
Laajuus: 5 op
Vastuuopettaja: Pyhälahti, Onni
Opetuskieli: Englanti

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After the course, the student knows the quantities and their units related to electricity and magnetism. The student understands electromagnetic phenomena and the behavior of the most common electrotechnical components. The student knows the applications of electromagnetic phenomena. The student can calculate tasks related to electrostatics and direct and alternating current. They understand phenomena related to vibrations and wave motion and knows their applications. In addition, they know the principles of noise and lighting measurements and knows the phenomena of optics in terms of applications. In laboratory exercises, the student learns the operation of electromagnetic components and circuits in practice, as well as to analyze measurement results and their reliability.

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Mechanics and Thermodynamics


Coulomb's law, electric field, potential, dielectric strength, capacitance, electric current, quantities and components of direct current, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's laws, RC circuit, current conductor in magnetic field, magnetic materials, magnetic flux, induction, inductance, basic concepts of alternating current, RLC circuit, simple transformer. Vibration motion, wave motion, sound theory, electromagnetic wave motion, photometry.

Opetusmuoto / Opetusmenetelmät

Lectures, homeworks, laboratory exercises.


Exam, homeworks, laboratory reports.