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Structure Type: Study module
Code: TK2020-1012
Curriculum: TK 2020
Level: Bachelor of Business Administration
Responsible Teacher: Niittykoski, Jukka

Learning Outcomes

During the practical training period the students familiarise with the working procedures and tasks in their own field of specialisation. The training period increases the students' professional skills and motivation. During the training period the students become acquainted with the activities, culture, work and social life of the organisation. The training period will emphasise internationalisation, entrepreneurship and professionalism.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Basic practical training 10 cp: First year studies.
Professional Practical Training 20 cr: A suitable amount of advanced special studies. Recommended after two years studies.


During the practical training period the student familiarises with the working procedures and tasks of the field of specialisation, including organisation culture, distribution of labour, social relationships, and team work practice. Practical training serves to enhance internationalization, entrepreneurship and thinking professionally ethically.