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Business Information Technology (T-ITE 2003G)

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Form of Teaching: Full-time student
Start: 2003-08-22
Credits: 210 cr
Duration: 3.5 years
Language: Swedish
Year of Study
TIF11000General Basic Studies48
TIF11100Introduction Studies3
GGG11101Studies and Information Acquisition1.5
TIF11200Entrepreneurship and Society13.5
GGG11201Public Economics1.5
GGG11203Basics of Quality Management3
GGG11217Human Resource Management3
TIF11205Basics of Customer Relationship Marketing3
TIF11300Languages and Communication15
GGG11309Efficient Oral and Written Communication33
TIF11314ADP Finnish33
TIF11323Professional English4.54.5
GGG11331Optional Foreign Language3
TIF11315Professional ADP Finnish3
TIF11324Advanced Professional English3
TEF11341Le franqais des affaires4.5
TIF11400Data Processing9
GGG11401Basics of Data Processing1.5
GGG11402Data System Applications of Administration3
TIF11407Basics of Programming4.5
TIF1150BMathematics and Natural Science7.5
TIF11501Mathematics and Logic of Information Technology1.5
TIF11508Business Mathematics3
TIF11503Basics of Statistics1.5
TIF11506Basics of Research Project1.5
TIF12000Professional Basic Studies57
TIF12100Companies and Automatic Data Processing10.5
TIF12102Basics of Logistics1.5
TIF12103Basics of Book-keeping and Financial Statement3
TIF12104Data Applications of a Company3
TIF12111IT Law3
TIF12200Hardware and Platforms9
TIF12201Hardware and Platforms3
TIF12202PC Support3
TIF12203Data Communications3
TIF12301Basics of Programming6
TIF12302Applications Development4.5
TIF12303Documentation of Software1.5
TIF12304Analysis of the User Interface1.5
TIF12307Dynamic WWW-pages3
TIF12401Systems Development21
TIF12401Information Systems and Systems Development3
TIF12402Basics of Databases3
TIF12406Planning of Datasystem6
TIF12407Macro Programming3
TIF12409Project Management3
TIF12405Client / Server System3
TIF21001Data Communications30
TIF21100Information Networks 15
TIF21101Operating Systems4.5
TIF21102Local Area Network6
TIF21103Networks Data Security4.5
TIF21201Server Software and Applications 4.5
TIF21202Data Communications and Information Network6
TIF21203Information Network in a Company4.5
TIF22000Applications Development30
TIF22100Systems Planning15
TIF22106System Architecture3
TIF22102Data Base Planning and Administration6
TIF22105Program Integration3
TIF22104Testing and Maintenance of an Information System3
TIF22200Realization of Programming15
TIF22201Implementation of Client / Server Systems6
TIF22205Java Programming6
TIF22203Data Security 3
TIF23000Specialisation Alternative of Digital Company Services30
TIF23100Graphics and Multimedia15
TIF23101Graphical Production4.5
TIF23102Web Applications4.5
TIF23103Multimedia and Internet6
TIF23200Programming and Video Technology15
TIF23201Web Programming4.5
TIF23202Producing and Editing Video Clips6
TIF232033D Graphics4.5
TTH27200Digital Production15
TTH27201Digital Video and Editing4.5
TTH27202Graphics Processing 3
TTH27206Publishing Technics3
TIF20002Specialised Optional Module15