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Degree Programme in Social Services (SA 2015)

Degree: Bachelor of Social Services
Form of Teaching: Full-time student
Start: 2015-08-01
Credits: 210 cr
Duration: 3.5 years
Language: Finnish
Year of Study
SSAP0100Studying for a Bachelor of Social Services10
SSAP0101Studies in Social Services3
SSAP0102Literary Communication2
SSAA0103Human Socialization 5
SSAP0200Social Services in the Society15
SSAP0201Functions of the Society5
SSAP0202Individual as a Client and an Operator in a Work Community5
SSAA0203Individual as a Learner and a Group Member5
SSAA0300Social Services in the World14
SSAA0301Ethics in Social Services4
SSAA0302Organization and Operational Customs in the Social Services Branch5
SSAP0303Cultures in Everyday Life and in the Functions of the Society3
SSAP0304Swedish for Social Services I2
SSAA0400Individual in Different Periods of Life10
SSAA0401Early Education4
SSAA0402Special Pedagogics4
SSAA0403First Aid and Special Circumstances2
SSAA0500Multicultural Client Work 17
SSAA0501Social Challenges in Different Life Conditions 9
SSAA0502Methods of Working with Clients 6
SSAP0602Swedish for Social Services II2
SSAA0600Professional Development in Client Work12
SSAA0601Social Work with the Disabled3
SSAA0602Social Work with Intoxicant Abusers3
SSAA0603Mental Health Work 2
SSAA0604Social Work with Offenders2
SSAA0605Medication in Social Services2
SSAA0700Rehabilitating Working Methods 17
SSAA0702Rehabilitating Work 6
SSAA0703Socio-Cultural Work3
SSAA0704Supporting the Capability of the Ageing 3
SSAP0503English for Social Services3
SSAP0703Specialized Communication 2
SSAA0810Client-based Service Systems 13
SSAA0801Central Legislation in Social Services 4
SSAA0804Supervisor Work and Quality Control6
SSAA0803Social Security3
SSAA0910Research and Development14
SSAA0901Research Work I4
SSAA0904Research Work II8
SSAA0905Application of researching methods2
SSAS0101Child-, Youth- and Family Work18
SSAS0110Guidance in Social Service Work3
SSAS0111Early Education Pedagogics3
SSAS0112Advanced Studies in Child Welfare3
SSAS0113Youth Work3
SSAS0114Creative Methods 3
SSAS0115Mental Health of Children and Youth 3
SSAS0201Social Service Work18
SSAS0210Guidance in Social Service Work 3
SSAS0211Social Assistance2
SSAS0212Creative Methods in Clientwork3
SSAS0213Advanced Studies in Working with Intoxicant Abusers and Mental Health Issues2
SSAS0214Developing Social Service Work 2
SSAS0216Advanced Studies in Multicultural Work2
SSAS0217Advanced Studies in Working with the Elderly 2
SSAS0215Advanced Studies in Working with the Disabled2
SSAS0301International aspects on health and welfare18
SSAS0310Civilian Crisis Management and Capacity Building4
SSAS0311Welfare Models in International Perspective4
SSAS0312Act on the Status and Rights of Clients and Patients2
SSAS0313Welfare and Health Promotion in Finland2
SSAS0315Guidance in Social Service Work3
SSAH0001Introduction to Clientwork9
SSAH0002Client Work in Social Services11
SSAH0003Managing Welfare Services11
SSAH0004Specialiced Practical Training14