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Psychiatric Nursing

Structure Type: Study module
Code: SHS3000
Type: Optional obligatory / Professional Studies
Curriculum: S-SH 2008H
Level: Bachelor of Health Care
Credits: 8 cr
Responsible Teacher: Kajan, Elina
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Learning Outcomes

Students will deepen their treatment of scientific thinking, knowledge and skills in mental health and substance abuse at work as well as psychiatric and rehabilitative nursing care guided by the patient's / client's own resources and support networks. Students will develop skills in creating caring relationships. Students will deepen their knowledge and skills in the patient's / client's support, and guidance. Students can use the scientific management and other sciences, theory and research data on preventive mielenterveytyön, psychiatric nursing and rehabilitation, the establishment and development.


Area of Expertise: Psychiatric Nursing 6 cr. Social Science and Medical Courses in Psychiatric Nursing 2 cr.