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Structure Type: Study module
Code: LT2023V-1015
Curriculum: LT 2023V
Level: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 15 cr
Responsible Teacher: Niittykoski, Jukka

Learning Outcomes

The thesis is an independent research project which aims to encourage the student to theoretical thinking, application of appropriate research methods and references, systematic work, written and oral presentations and to the development of one’s own work and field. The objective of the thesis is to integrate theoretical studies with practical working life. With the thesis, the student demonstrates that s/he is able to act in specialist and supervisory tasks in the future profession.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Methodology for studies and research


The thesis starts with choosing the topic, which is discussed with the supervisor and with the possible representative of the client. The student implements the thesis after the approval of the thesis plan. The thesis includes the theoretical frame of reference based on previous studies and other relevant literature. The thesis also includes the empirical (practical) part, which aims at finding a solution to the research problem. The empirical part can be implemented for instance by doing a survey, interviews, observations or by some other method which creates added value for the possible representative of the client. The thesis process includes the starting seminar, interim seminar, presentation seminar and maturity test.