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Electrical and Automation Engineering (I-SA 1998L)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Form of Teaching: Full-time student
Start: 1998-08-21
Credits: 240 cr
Duration: 4 years
Language: Finnish
ISA11000General Basic Studies
ISA11100General Basic Studies
YYY11101Studies and Information Acquisition1.5
ISA11200Entrepreneurship and Society
YYY11201Public Economy1.5
IYY11201Basics of Business Administration3
YYY11203Basics of Quality Management3
YYY11204Man in the Working Community3
ISA11300Language and Communication
YYY11302Communication Skills4.5
IYY11311TillÀmpningar av facksprÄket3
IYY11321Professional English4.5
YYY11330BOptional Foreign Language3
ISA11400Data Processing
YYY11401Basics of Data Processing1.5
IYY11401Basics of Programming3
YYY11402Computer Networks3
IYY11503Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra3
IYY11504Differential Calculus3
IYY11505Basics of Mathematical Software1.5
IYY11506Integral Calculus3
IYY11511Series and Multivariable Analysis3
IYY11509Statistics and Probability1.5
ISA11600Natural Sciences
IYY11605Mechanics and Electricity4.5
IYY11603States of Matter3
IYY11604Wave Motion and Atomic Physics3
IYY11608Physics Laboratory Exercises3
IYY11609Chemistry and Environmental Protection3
ISA12000Professional Basic Studies
ISA12100Electrical Equipment Design
ISA12101Electrical Drawing3
ISY12104Product Development and Production Engineering3
ISY12102Electrical Safety1.5
ISA12102Computer Aided Electrical Design3
ISA12103Power Systems Simulation3
ISA12104Electrical Safety Regulations (S1)1.5
ISA12200Theory of Electrical Circuits
ISA12201DC Circuits3
ISA12202Alternating Current and Magnetic Circuits3
ISA12203Calculation Methods of Circuits3
ISY12204Transient and Frequency Analysis3
ISY12205Electrical Circuits Laboratory Exercises1.5
ISA12300Automation and Power Engineering
ISY12301Basics of Automation Engineering3
ISY12302Basics of Power Engineering3
ISA12301Programmable Logic Controllers3
ISA12400Electronics and Information Technology
ISY12406Electronic Components3
ISY12402Electronics Laboratory Exercises1.5
ISY12408Digital Electronics3
ISY12404Computer Engineering Laboratory Exercises1.5
ISY12405Basics of Telecommunications3
ISA21000Specialisation Alternative of Automation Engineering
ISA21100Process Automation
ISA21111PLC Applications3
ISA21113Field Buses and Data Communications3
ISA21114Construction Automation3
ISA21104Automation Engineering Laboratory Exercises3
ISA24000Specialisation Alternative of Power Electrical Drives Engineering
ISA24100Electrical Machines and Power Electronics
ISA24101Electrical Machines4.5
ISA24102Power Electronics4.5
ISA24103Electrical Power Utilisation3
ISA24104Laboratory Exercises in Electrical Power3
ISA24200Electrical Drive Systems
ISA24201Power Electronic Drive Systems3
ISA24202Industrial Power Systems4.5
ISA24205Control Systems of Electrical Drives3
ISA24204Laboratory Exercises in Electrical Power Utilisation Systems4.5
ISA27000Specialisation in Electrical Engineering Projects
ISA27100Electrical and Automation Engineering in Basic Project
ISA26107Implementation of the Project12
ISA26106Basics of Project Management3
ISA27200Advanced Project in Electrical Engineering
ISA26203Special Issues in Project Working3
ISA26204Implementation of the Advanced Project12