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Structure Type: Study module
Code: HYA2023K-1006
Curriculum: HYA 2023K
Level: Master of Health Care / Master of Social Services
Credits: 30 cr
Responsible Teacher: Häyry, Riitta

Learning Outcomes

The master’s thesis is a working life based development project, which compounds the core of the studies (30 ects) for the diploma. The thesis can be a research, project or a functional development project. The aim of the thesis in polytechnic master’s studies is to develop and show the ability to apply research information and use chosen methods to classify and solve the problems in working life and the preparedness for independent challenging expert work (Act 2005/423, 7a§). The thesis of polytechnic master’s degree emphasizes the student’s, polytechnic university’s and working life’s cooperation. The thesis is a research and development work which serves the working life and has a clear practical character and a task in regional development. In the polytechnic master’s thesis the central point is in applying the theoretical knowledge, innovativeness and deepening the professional expertise.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Courses in research methodology.


Seminar to generate the topic for the thesis, the mid-term seminar, personal tutoring, act as a opponent, presentation seminars, the native language teacher's tutoring, tutoring for library data acquisition.