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Open courses (AVOIN 2020)

Level: Continuing Education etc.
Start: 2020-08-01
AVOIN2020-CATEGORY-1000Verkko-opintoina | Virtual97
AVOIN2020-CATEGORY-1002Sosiaali- ja terveysala7
SXV0050Positive Psychology 3
SXV0064Traveler`s Health2
AVOIN2020-CATEGORY-1003Liiketalous | School of Business35
TL00BB60The Phenomenon of Online Shopping3
TL00BB57Entrepreneurship and Business5
TL00BB58Company Law2
IZV0036Activation Course in Spoken and Written Swedish3
TIS1804Production Management3
TLTP0401Corporate Social Responsibility 4
TLVP1304Project Management4
CS00BB36Global Project Management5
TTKA0904IT for Logistics3
TL00BB56From a research question to a research plan3
AVOIN2020-CATEGORY-1004Tekniikka | School of Technology30
IYS1401Air Pollution Control Engineering5
IEYX0909Environmental Legislation3
IE00BB63Hiilineutraali yhteiskunta3
IZ00BB59Activating German Language4
IXV0093Battery Drives5
IZ00BB65Additive manufacturing expert10
AVOIN2020-1006Web Design and Programming (H2C 2020)25
H2C1101HTML5 & CSS3
H2C1103PHP & MySql3
H2C1105Fundamentals of AI3
H2C2101Introduction to Programming5
H2C2102Cyber Security5
AVOIN2020-CATEGORY-1001Lähiopetuksena | Contact Teaching57
SSHP3102Social and Health Services3
SSHP3401Philosophical and Ethical Basics of Nursing2
SSHP1601History of Nursing and Nursing Science2
SXV0100Welfare Technology3
AVOIN2020-1002Specialisation Alternative of Juridical Administration45
AVOIN2020-1003Procedural Law15
TLS4602Introduction to Finnish Tax Law2
TLS4216Criminal Law3
TLS4604Procedural Law3
TLS4603Legal Aspects of Insolvency4
AVOIN2020-1004Private Law15
TLS4409The Basics of Civil Law3
TLS4406International Aspects in Contract Law3
TLS4402Introduction to Contract Law3
TLS4407Law of Family- and Inheritance3
TLS4410Administrative Swedish3
AVOIN2020-1005Public Law15
TLS4501Administration Law3
TLS4701Basics of Public Law4
TLS4702Basics in EU Law3
TLS4506Law of Civil Servants3
TLS4213Legal English2