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Client Service Competency and Cultural Diversity

Rakennetyyppi: Opintojakso
Koodi: SH00BC27
OPS: SH 2022K
Taso: Sairaanhoitaja (AMK)
Opiskeluvuosi: 1 (2023)
Laajuus: 3 op
Vastuuopettaja: Wähä, Anne
Opetuskieli: Englanti

Toteutukset vuonna 2023

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The students develop their client service competency and their awareness around cultural diversity and their multicultural competency. The students build awareness of cultural aspects and learn to encounter people with diverse cultural backgrounds.

1. Self-reflection
2.Individual encounter in nursing and social services
3. The students have the ability to encounter vulnerable client / patient groups
4. The principle of equality and non-discrimination
5. A humane and respectful encounter of the patient/ client
6. The participation of the patient/ client and promoting patient/ client participation
7. supporting and promoting family member involvement
8.Strengths-/ resource-based approach with the client/ patient

Opiskelijan työmäärä

The student´s workload: 3 credit units

- 81hrs
- on the academic schedule 30 hrs
- self-learning/ self-study 51hrs


Diversity is a group of people who are different in the same place.”

1. encounter, participation, equality
2. Terminology ( the students will learn the definitions and application of basic concepts including culture, ethnicity, racism, stereotype, prejudice, core values, oppression, discrimination )
3. Cultural awareness, skill, encounter, knowledge
4. Self-reflection
5. Immigration/ culture/ gender/ disability/ health differences
6. Diversity and internationalisation at home
7. Integration/ social integration
8. discussion about values in students´ life

Students will practice shifting their perceptions in order to empathize with people who come from backgrounds other than their own


The student develops their ability to work in diverse health care/social services companies and service providers in the area.


The student develops their skills to work in diverse work communities and with different clients


Material given by the teacher in the beginning and during the course

Opetusmuoto / Opetusmenetelmät

Written and oral assignments,dialogue and communication in class, pair and group work, active participation.


5 The student critically applies the theories and produces new information by combining concepts and phenomena. In assignments and reports, the student compares and classifies various sources of information by making justified choices from professional and ethical point of view. In groupwork and discussions, the student acts as a responsible member of a professional group and communicates fluently and consistently. The student analyzes and assesses critically the needs for development in the field.

3 The student understands the essential theories, concepts, principles and issues related to client service competency and cultural diversity and discusses the issues competently. In assignments and reports, the student combines information systematically from various scientific sources and is able to assess the correctness of the information. In interactive situations, the student fluently acts and communicates in professional group. The student understands the needs for development in the field and solves professional problems.

1 The student recognizes and understands the essential theories, concepts , principles and issues related to client service competency and cultural diversity. In assignments, the student is able to search and structure important professional information. In interactive situations, the student attends and communicates in professional contexts. The student recognizes the development needs in the field.


Oral and written assignments, attendance,examination. Evaluation 1-5


Spark-feedback system is used to collect course feedback