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Information Technology Documentation

Structure Type: Study unit
Code: ITTP0107
Curriculum: TT 2020V
Level: Bachelor of Engineering
Year of Study: 1 (2020-2021)
Semester: Autumn
Credits: 3 cr
Responsible Teacher: Mustonen, Martti
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Courses During the Academic Year 2020-2021

Impl.Group(s)Study TimeTeacher(s)LanguageEnrolment
3001 2020-08-24 – 2020-10-18Anna-Kaisa Saari, Jani Leppämäki, Osku HirvonenFinnish2020-08-17 – 2020-09-11
3002TT2020V-1A2020-08-24 – 2020-11-15Anna-Kaisa Saari, Jani Leppämäki, Osku HirvonenFinnish2020-08-17 – 2020-09-11

Learning Outcomes

The student learns to understand the basics of software documentation, purpose of creating and maintaining technical documentation and learns how to use computer aided documentation methods.
Student also learns how to create simple 3D-model with pro-level CAD-software, recognizes pros and cons of 3D-printing and challenges 3D-printing assigns to 3D-designing and learns how to print 3D objects in practical level

Student's Workload

81 h, containing 32 h of scheduled contact studies.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Basic IT skills. 3D-modeling experience is preferred, but not oblicatory


Basics of software documentation. Computer-aided 3D-drawing, planning and documentation. Basics and hands-on exercises in 3D-printing

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

Material provided by the teachers during the course, lecturing slides, software/hardware manuals etc.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Exercises in a computer class and laboratory with short lectures. Independent practice and getting familiar with the material.

Assessment Criteria

The course is assessed on scale passed/failed. Each teacher will tell in the beginning of course, what is criteria to pass their part of the course. All three parts must be passed ion order to pass the whole course

Assessment Methods

Obligatory tasks and assignments and examinations.