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Business Economics (T-LT 2007)

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Form of Teaching: Full-time student
Start: 2007-08-27
Credits: 210 cr
Duration: 3.5 years
Language: Finnish
Year of Study
TLP0000General Basic Studies58
TLP0100Introductory Studies2
TLP0101Studies and Information Acquisition2
TLP0200Society and Entrepreneurship15
TLP0201Public Economics3
TLP0202Entrepreneurship and Corporate Law
TLP0202BBasics of Commercial Law2
TLP0203Human Resource Management3
TLP0204Corporate Social Responsibility4
TLP0300Languages and Communication20
TLP0301Informative Communication2
TLP0302Communication and Interaction Skills
TLP0302AEffective Oral and Written Communication (Part A)2
TLP0302BEffective Oral and Written Communication (Part B)1
TLP0313Business Swedish I3
TLP0314Business Swedish II3
TLP0315Business English I
TLP0315ABusiness English I (Part A)3
TLP0315BBusiness English I (Part B)2
TLP0316Business German I (A1)4
TLP0317Business German I (B1)4
TLP0318Business French I (A1)4
TLP0319Business French I (B1)4
TLP0400Data Processing10
TLP0401Using the Computer in Studies2
TLP0402Computer Networks and the Internet3
TLP0403Office Tool Programs5
TLP0500Mathematics and Natural Sciences11
TLP0501Mathematics and Business3
TLP0502Financial Mathematics3
TLP0503Statistical Mathematics3
TLP0504Methodology for Studies and Research2
TLA0000Professional Basic Studies37
TLA0100Business Economics and Legal Norms12
TLA0102Financing and Risk Management3
TLA0103Company Leadership3
TLA0104Basics of Contract and Obligation Law3
TLA0201Basics of Marketing5
TLA0202Basics of Marketing Laws3
TLA0203Personal Selling and Advertising3
TLA0300Company Economics14
TLA0301Introduction to Financial Accounting5
TLA0302Financial Accounting in Practice3
TLA0303Basic Cost Accounting3
TLA0304Labour Law and Payroll Management and Accounting3
TLS1000Specialisation Alternative of Marketing60
TLS1100Consumer Marketing15
TLS1101Consumer and Buying Behaviour3
TLS1102Customer Relationship Marketing3
TLS1103Marketing of Services5
TLS1104Virtual Marketing4
TLS1200Information and Planning15
TLS1201Marketing Research7
TLS1202Management and Marketing Planning8
TLS1300Special Areas in Marketing15
TLS1301Applied Design Analysis3
TLS1302Project Marketing3
TLS1303Business to Business - Marketing3
TLS1304Business-to-Business Networks3
TLS1305Finnish and Domestic Retail Trade6
TLS1306Planning of the International Marketing6
TLS1307Retail Project3
TLS1308Advertising Graphics3
TLS2000Specialisation Alternative of International Business60
TLS2100International Marketing15
TLS2101Company Internationalisation5
TLS2102Marketing Mix Elements in International Marketing5
TLS2103Planning of the International Marketing5
TLS2200International Business15
TLS2201Techniques of Foreign Trade7
TLS2202Financing the International Trade3
TLS2203Legislation in International Trade5
TLS2300International Business Operations15
TLS2301International Management3
TLS2302International Human Resource Management3
TLS2303International Finance and Monetary Markets3
TLS2304International Trade Organisations3
TLS2305Trade with Specific Market Areas3
TLS3000Specialisation Alternative of Business Economics60
TLS3100Special Aspects of Financial Accounting and Taxation15
TLS3101Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting of Different Company Forms4
TLS3102Special Aspect of Book-Keeping and Financial Accounting5
TLS3103Corporate Taxation and Financial Statement6
TLS3200Management Accounting15
TLS3201Financial Administration Information Systems Applications3
TLS3202Analysing a Company3
TLS3203Management Accounting6
TLS3204Financial Planning3
TLS3300Special Aspects in Accounting15
TLS3301Economic Optimisation3
TLS3302Introduction to Auditing3
TLS3303Group Accounting3
TLS3304Financial Administration Project Work3
TLS3305Payroll Administration in Practice3
TLS4000Specialisation Alternative of Juridical Administration60
TLS4200Criminal Law, Procedure Law and Recovery Proceedings15
TLS4203Data Protection and Data Security3
TLS4206Criminal Law and Procedural Law3
TLS4208Recovery Proceedings4
TLS4209Language within Administration2
TLS4207Procedural Law3
TLS4400Private Law15
TLS4401The Basics of Civil Law6
TLS4402Introduction to Contract Law3
TLS4403Law of Family- and Inheritance3
TLS4404Property Law3
TLS4500Administration Law15
TLS4501Administration Law3
TLS4502Public Law (Finnish)6
TLS4503European Union Law 3
TLS4302Law of Civil Servants3
TLS5000Specialisation Alternative of Communication60
TLS5101Community Communication4
TLS5102Education Communication3
TLS5103Corporate Communications and Language Skills3
TLS5104Oral Communication3
TLS5105Marketing Communication2
TLS5200Digital Production15
TLS5201Digital Video and Editing5
TLS5202Image Processing3
TLS5204Publishing Technics3
TLS5300Intercultural Communication15
TLS5301Cultural Awareness4
TLS5308Business Swedish III4
TLS5309Business English II4
TLS5310Business German II (A2)3
TLS5311Business German II (B2)3
TLS5312Business French II (A2)3
TLS5313Business French II (B2)3
TLS9000Specialised Optional Module15