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Structure Type: Degree structure
Code: TDH0000
Type: Compulsory / Professional Studies
Curriculum: T-ITE 2007V
Level: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 30 cr
Responsible Teacher: Harju, Börje
Language of Instruction: Swedish

Learning Outcomes

During the practical training period the students familiarise with the working procedures and tasks in their own field of specialisation. The training period increases the students' professional skills and motivation. During the training period the students become acquainted with the activities, culture, work and social life of the organisation. The training period will emphasise internationalisation, entrepreneurship and professionalism.

Student's Workload

30 cp

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Basic practical training 10 cp: no preliminary studies needed

Professional Practical Training 20 cp: A suitable among of advanced studies (2 years)


The contents of the duties during practical training are defined according to the specialisation in the degree programme. The teachers who are responsible for the training accept the duties during the professional training before the students begin their work placement (the form “Plan / Agreement of Practical Training”).

In case of changes in the duties the teacher is to accept the new duties before the student can begin or continue the work placement.

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

No material

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Guided training

Assessment Criteria

A report that is acknowledeged

Assessment Methods

The teacher responsible acknowledges/fails the report