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Dynamical Web Pages

Structure Type: Study unit
Code: TDA0107
Type: Compulsory / Basic Studies
Curriculum: T-ITE 2007V
Level: Bachelor of Business Administration
Year of Study: 2 (2008-2009)
Credits: 3 cr
Responsible Teacher: Paulaharju, Kimmo
Language of Instruction: Swedish

Courses During the Academic Year 2008-2009

Impl.Group(s)Study TimeTeacher(s)LanguageEnrolment
4T-IT-2DA, T-IT-2DI2009-01-05 – 2009-05-02Kimmo PaulaharjuSwedish2008-12-08 – 2009-01-11

Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to apply and expand the basic skills of building web pages. The student will be able to build dynamic web pages.

Student's Workload

Total work load of the course: 81 h
- of which scheduled studies: 40 h
- of which autonomous studies: 41 h

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Programming and documentation. Basics of networks.


Programming of dynamic web pages with HTML, CSS, DHTML, and JavaScript.

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

Lecture notes.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lecture and Exercises. Self Studies.

Assessment Criteria

1 = Student is able to create a web site, which is based on the HTML standard.
3 = Student is able to create a web site, which is based on the CSS and HTML standard, and which can apply dynamical features in order to implement interaction and can be viewed by mainstream browsers.
5 = Student is able to adapt aforementioned skills by using a CMS.

Assessment Methods

Exercises, Exam, and Assignment. Numeric grading.