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Software System and Software Programming / System Design

Structure Type: Study unit
Code: TDA0103
Type: Compulsory / Basic Studies
Curriculum: T-ITE 2007V
Level: Bachelor of Business Administration
Year of Study: 1 (2007-2008)
Credits: 3 cr
Responsible Teacher: Norrgård, Kenneth
Language of Instruction: Swedish

Courses During the Academic Year 2007-2008

Impl.Group(s)Study TimeTeacher(s)LanguageEnrolment
4T-IT-12007-08-27 – 2007-12-21Kenneth NorrgårdSwedish2007-08-17 – 2007-09-07

Learning Outcomes

The students are acquainted with the common structure of a software system and acquire the principles and techniques of the object oriented modeling and notation.The purpose of the course is to introduce the participants to the general principles, methods, processes and project work required in software engineering.

Student's Workload

3 x 27h = 81h
Lectures and coaching: approx. 40h
Self studies, assignments: approx. 20 h
Self studies, Reading theory and taking the final exam: approx. 21h

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses



The course familiarizes the student with different kinds of information systems and basic software structures. The study unit gives students the basic knowledge of object oriented approach (OOA): principles and concepts, models and modeling languages. The cource contains issues like: Business Information Systems development Lifecycle: A software system as a part of an information system: The common structure of a software system: Descriptions of an information system: Need for descriptions; Descriptions and notations; Object Oriented Approach (OOA); The history of the object oriented technique; Quality assurance.

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

Wiktorin Lars, Systemutveckling på 2000-talet, 2003, Studentlitteratur, Lund.
The teacher provide lecture material available in the Study Portal.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures, Virtual Studies, Problem Based Learning, Project Work.

Assessment Criteria

Not defined. This course will not be realized any more. It has been replaced with "Att bygga informationssystem I" in the new Curriculum for year 2010-11.

Assessment Methods

Attending lectures, weekly assignments and final exam.
Numerical evaluation (0-5).