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Engineering English

Structure Type: Study unit
Code: TT00BI59
Curriculum: SAT 2024V
Level: Bachelor of Engineering
Year of Study: 2 (2025-2026)
Semester: Spring
Credits: 5 cr
Responsible Teacher: Kiikkala, Sanna-Liisa
Language of Instruction: Finnish

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Learning Outcomes

The student will understand texts related to engineering and working life and knows the most important vocabulary. The student will recognise the various registers of language, and can write appropriate texts and discuss various topics within engineering and working life. The student will learn interaction skills and is familiar with oral communication situations within working life. The course aims at yielding the student the CEFR B2 level.

Student's Workload

135 h, containing 50 h of scheduled contact studies.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Secondary education syllabus in English.


Various texts and documents related to engineering and working life (e.g. reports, abstracts, CV and application, instructions), oral communication situations in working life (meetings, negotiations, trade fairs and presentations).

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

Material compiled by the teacher.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Oral and written exercises, pair and group work.

Assessment Criteria

5: The student has no difficulties in understanding texts pertaining to the field of study, has an extensive vocabulary and is able to express one's thoughts precisely, recognises the nuances of the language and can write a unified, detailed and effective report.
3: The student knows the most essential vocabulary and can understand most parts of texts pertaining to the field of study. The student is able to participate in discussions on the topic within engineering and is able to write clear and detailed text.
1: The student has a basic vocabulary in the field and understands the main points of a text of technical nature. The student is able to follow discussions on a technical topic or working life and is able to write a comprehensible report.

Assessment Methods

Written and oral examination, continuous assessment.