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Teollisuuden sähköjärjestelmien perusteet

Structure Type: Study module
Code: SAT2024V-1009
Curriculum: SAT 2024V
Level: Bachelor of Engineering
Credits: 15 cr
Responsible Teacher: Mäkinen, Seppo

Learning Outcomes

The student will receive a good notion of motor and power electronics solutions used both in industry and energy production, and the operating principles and range of uses thereof. The student will learn to dimension and use an appropriate protection method in system entities through examples such an industrial network and distributed energy production. As an important component in an industrial network and energy production, power electronics applications will be discussed in addition to control solutions on the level of components, as well. Simultaneously, the student will learn to recognise and analyse the network effects of power electronics applications and to eliminate the effects of detrimental phenomena. In dealing with entities, the student will learn to implement component and protection widely in an industrial network with required choices, and to simulate their operations. Modern calculation software will also be utilised.


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