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Knowledge base of social services and social wellbeing

Structure Type: Study unit
Code: SA00BC64
Curriculum: SA 2021
Level: Bachelor of Social Services
Year of Study: 1 (2021-2022)
Semester: Spring
Credits: 4 cr
Responsible Teacher: Niemistö, Riku
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Courses During the Academic Year 2021-2022

Impl.Group(s)Study TimeTeacher(s)LanguageEnrolment
3001SA2021-1A2022-01-01 – 2022-07-31Heli HuhtaFinnish2021-12-01 – 2022-01-10
3002SA2021-1B2022-01-01 – 2022-07-31Heli HuhtaFinnish2021-12-01 – 2022-01-10

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Learning Outcomes

Student can
-The basics in sociocultural work, social work an social pedagogy
-Can apply the theories in practise with different client groups
-Holistic point of view to the well-being of and individual, especially social well-being
-Social problems in contemporary sociaties nationally and globally
-Knows the central indicators of welfare and understands their meaning for work practises

Student's Workload

Students total workload 106h, of which 30-44 in the schedule depending on the teachers plan.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

No previous studies required.


-Central concepts of social
-Expertise in social
-Social problems
-The history of social work
-Social pedagogy, social work and sociocultural work in practise

Regional Impact

The student gains knowledge how to work regionally and locally and understands the regional differences in well-being.


The student develops her/his skills in social work in global perspective, social challenges are global.

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

Nivala, Elina & Ryynänen, Sanna. Sosiaalipedagogiikka : kohti inhimillisempää yhteiskuntaa
Kananoja, Aulikki ym. (toim.) Sosiaalityön käsikirja
Helminen, Jari (toim.) Sosiaaliohjaus - lähtökohtia ja käytäntöjä

Muu opettajan ilmoittama materiaali.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Individual studies

Assessment Methods

Numeric evaluation.