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Degree Programme in Social Services (SA 2021)

Degree: Bachelor of Social Services
Form of Teaching: Full-Time Studies
Start: 2021-08-09
Credits: 210 cr
Duration: 3.5 years
Language: Finnish

Year of Study: 3 (2023-2024)

Year: 1234all
SA2021-1002Ammatillisuuden kehittyminen1
SA00BC54Professional Development III: as a Developer in the Fieldx1
SA2021-1003Kieli- ja viestintäosaaminen1
SA00BC59Swedish for Social Services IIIx1
XXP0000Swedish oral skills
XXP0001Swedish writing skills
SA2021-1006Asiakasryhmäkohtainen osaaminen9
SA00BC71Work, Employment and Promotion of Employmentx3
SA00BC72Multicultural Workx3
SH00BC47Working with Clients with Disabilitesx3
SA2021-1007Asiakastyön osaaminen7
SA00BC76Social Security Benefitsx4
SA00BC77Basics of Pharmacotherapy in the Field of Social Servicesx3
SA2021-1008Lainsäädäntö ja esimiestyön osaaminen5
SA00BC81Leadership Skills and Project Workx5
SA2021-1009Tutkimus- ja kehittämisosaaminen4
SH00BC38Research Methodsx4
SA2021-1010Sosionomin syventävät opinnot26
SA00BC82Early childhood pedagogicsx5
SA00BC83Remedial child protection workx5
SA00BC84Student councellingx5
SA00BC85Advanced studies in disability servicesx3
SA00BC86Youth Workx5
SH00BC97Elderly as a Social and Healthcare Clientx3
SH00BC95Deepening Expertice of Mental Healthx5
SH00BC98Therapeutical Methodsx3
SH00BC99Work with Criminal Sanction and Forensic Psychiatry carex3
SA00BD13Multidisciplinary Family-oriented Work in Social and Healthcare Sectorx3
SH00BD03Implementation of the Thesis Methodsx5
SH00BD04Reporting the Thesisx5