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Client-based Service Systems

Structure Type: Study module
Code: SSAA0810
Type: Compulsory / Professional Studies
Curriculum: SA 2016
Level: Bachelor of Social Services
Credits: 13 cr
Responsible Teacher: Palosaari, Sinikka
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Learning Outcomes

The student is familiar with the operational principles of the organization of social care and health care, and with its general and special legislation. The student recognizes the significance of work in the management related to the functions of the organization and is able to guide and develop the service process. The student deepens his knowledge in social security as a part of a client-based production of service and his knowledge in its development


Personnel management, guidance, communication and interaction. Administration, organization, legislation, the state subsidy system and financial administration. The systems of social security in Finland, international comparison. Financing social security and cost structure. Consolidation of social security in client cases.