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Social Services in the World

Structure Type: Study module
Code: SSAA0300
Type: Compulsory / Professional Studies
Curriculum: SA 2016
Level: Bachelor of Social Services
Credits: 14 cr
Responsible Teacher: Bragge, Aira
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Learning Outcomes

The student gets acquainted with different social services and their practical organizing customs and recognizes their social significance to citizens’ wellbeing. The student gets acquainted with the ethical demands and basis of social services and the society and internalizes the ethical principles and procedures of the occupation. The student understands the characteristics of different cultures and applies himself to intercultural communication. He also acquaints himself with the life situation of a client group of own choice. The student acquaints himself with spoken and written communication of his own branch in Swedish and is able to discuss occupational subjects. In addition the student has a skill to gain more profound information in Swedish on the occupational field he chooses.


Service structures in the branch of social service. The social service system and the general laws governing it. Different forms of social services. Values, orientations and the idea of man of the Finnish society, welfare state and the social service branch. Finnish culture and foreign cultures. Intercultural communication. Supporting the survival in everyday life. Occupational texts and communicational situations in work life.

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

See course descriptions.