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Research Communication

Structure Type: Study unit
Code: SSHP2004
Type: Compulsory / Basic Studies
Curriculum: S-SH 2013VK
Level: Bachelor of Health Care
Year of Study: 3 (2016)
Credits: 2 cr
Responsible Teacher: Kalliokoski, Eija
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Courses During the Year 2016

Impl.Group(s)Study TimeTeacher(s)LanguageEnrolment
3S-SH-3A2016-01-04 – 2016-06-04Eija KalliokoskiFinnish2015-12-07 – 2016-02-10
4S-SH-3VK2016-08-29 – 2016-12-23Henrik NiemeläFinnish2016-08-22 – 2016-09-19
5S-TH-3A, S-TH-3B2016-08-29 – 2016-12-23Henrik NiemeläFinnish2016-08-22 – 2016-09-19
6S-SH-3B2016-08-29 – 2016-12-16Henrik NiemeläFinnish2016-08-22 – 2016-09-19
7S-SH-2CK2016-08-29 – 2016-12-16Henrik NiemeläFinnish2016-08-22 – 2016-09-19

Learning Outcomes

The student is familiar with the principles of research communication and can apply them. The student learns the principles of writing the bachelor´s thesis.

The student can express himself/herself in different working life situations and can draw up different documents. The student knows how to act in meetings and negotiations.

The student understands the meaning of continuous developing of his/her social interaction skills.

Student's Workload

Total work load of the course: 53 h
- of which scheduled studies: 20 h
- of which autonomous studies: 33 h

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Prerequisites: Nursing Research and Development I and II, Communication Skills to nurses


Principles of research communication, writing the bachelor´s thesis

Communication in different communities, group communication, negotiation and meeting skills

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

Material recommended by the teacher.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures, group and pair work, independent studying, assignments.

Assessment Criteria

Grade 5
The student
- can write scientific text and has excellent abilities and skills to write the bachelor´s thesis
- can express himself/herself excellent in different working life situations and has the ability to develop his skills further

Grade 3
The student
- can write scientific text and has good abilities and skills to write the bachelor´s thesis
- can express himself/herself well in different working life situations

Grade 1
The student
- can the basics of scientific writing and writing the bachelor´s thesis
- can make work-related documents

Assessment Methods

Completed exercises. Grading scale (0-5).