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Nursing (S-SH 2006H)

Degree: Bachelor of Health Care
Form of Teaching: Full-time student
Explanation: "Specialisation option Nursing"
Start: 2006-08-28
Credits: 210 cr
Duration: 3.5 years
Language: Finnish
Year of Study
SHP0000General Basic Studies17
SHP0100Introductory Studies 2
SHP0101Studies and Information Acquisition2
SHP0200Languages and Communication11
SHP0201Informative Communication2
SHP0202Communication and Interaction Skills3
SHP0205English for Nursing3
SHP0206Swedish for Nursing3
SHP0300Behavioural and Social Studies 4
SHP0301Man and Society
SHP0301AIndividual and Society I2
SHP0301BMan and Society II2
SHA0000Professional Basic Studies86
SHA0100Ethics and Introduction to Nursing Science 12
SHA0101Philosophy and Ethics of Nursing2
SHA0102Basics of Nursing Science
SHA0102ABasics of Nursing Science I2
SHA0102BBasics of Nursing Science II2
SHA0103Basics of Research Work
SHA0103ABasics of Research Work I3
SHA0103BBasics of Research Work II3
SHA0200Clinical Nursing I 25
SHA0201Nursing Methods8
SHA0202First Aid and Emergency Situations2
SHA0203Mathematical Methods and Pharmacotherapy
SHA0203ABasics of Mathematical Methods and Dose Calculation 1
SHA0203BPharmacotherapy and Dose Calculations2
SHA0203CPharmacotherapy and dose calculation II1
SHA0204Computers and Nursing 3
SHA0205Multiculturalism and International Activities 2
SHA0206Medical Studies and Studies in Natural Sciences I
SHA0206AAnatomy and Physiology I2
SHA0206BAnatomy and Physiology II2
SHA0300Clinical Nursing II 35
SHA0301Basics of Elderly Nursing4
SHA0302Basics of Adult Nursing
SHA0302ABasics of Adult Nursing I4
SHA0302BBasics of Adult Nursing II8
SHA0303Paediatric and Adolescent Nursing 4
SHA0304Mental Health and Crisis Intervention4
SHA0305Nursing the Disabled3
SHA0306Medical Studies and Studies in Natural Sciences II
SHA0306AThe Basics of Internal Diseases 1
SHA0306BThe Basics of Surgery1
SHA0306CThe Basics of Anaesthesiology1
SHA0306DThe Basics of Pediatrics1
SHA0306EBasics in Bioanalytics1
SHA0306FBasics of Psychiatry1
SHA0306GPublic Health Science1
SHA0400Family and Community-Oriented Nursing 10
SHA0401Antenatal Care and Gynaecological Nursing 4
SHA0402Preventive Public Health Nursing 6
SHA0500Knowledge Management of Nursing4
SHA0501Employee in a Work Community 2
SHA0502Nursing Administration and Management 2
SHS5000Medical and Surgical Nursing10
SHS5001Nursing Leadership and Management 2
SHS5002Area of Expertise: Medical and Surgical Nursing
SHS5002AAsiantuntijuus sisätauti-kirurgisessa hoitotyössä I6
SHS5002BAsiantuntijuus sisätauti-kirurgisessa hoitotyössä II2
SHS6000Perioperative Nursing10
SHS6001Nursing Leadership and Management 2
SHS6002Area of Expertise: Perioperative Nursing
SHS6002AAsiantuntijuus perioperatiivisessa hoitotyössä I6
SHS6002BAsiantuntijuus perioperatiivisessa hoitotyössä II2
SHS2000Nursing the Ageing People10
SHS2001Nursing Leadership and Management 2
SHS2004Area of Expertise: Nursing the Ageing
SHS2004AArea of Expertise: Nursing the Ageing I6
SHS2004BArea of Expertise: Nursing the Ageing II2
SHS3000Psychiatric Nursing10
SHS3001Nursing Leadership and Management 2
SHS3004Area of Expertise: Psychiatric Nursing
SHS3004AArea of Expertise: Psychiatric Nursing I6
SHS3004BArea of Expertise: Psychiatric Nursing II2
SHS4000Nursing Children and Adolescents10
SHS4001Nursing Leadership and Management 2
SHS4004Area of Expertise: Pediatric and Adolescent Nursing
SHS4004AArea of Expertise: Pediatric and Adolescent Nursing I6
SHS4004BArea of Expertise: Pediatric and Adolescent Nursing II2
SHH0001Clinical Placement, Primary Health Care7
SHH0002Clinical Placement, Elderly Nursing5
SHH0003Clinical Placement, Medical Nursing8
SHH0004Clinical Placement, Surgical Nursing8
SHH0005Clinical Placement, Perioperative Nursing3
SHH0006Clinical Placement, Paediatric Nursing 4
SHH0008Clinical Placement, Antenatal Care and Gynaecological Nursing3
SHH0007Clinical Placement, Mental Health Care10
SHH0009Clinical Placement, Preventive Public Health Care2
SHH0010Clinical Placement, District and Home Nursing5
SHH0011Clinical Placement, Specialised Professional Studies I10
SHH0012Clinical Placement, Specialised Professional Studies II 10