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Maahanmuuttajien valmentava koulutus (MAVAL 2023S)

Level: Continuing Education etc.
Start: 2023-08-01
Credits: 30 cr
Duration: 1 year
Language: Finnish
MAVAL2023S-1001General Studies10
MA00BN05Essential Skills for University Students5
MA00BN06Finnish Language and Culture5
MAVAL2023S-1002Studies for Students of Technology20
MA00BN09Basics of Mathematics for Students of Technology5
MA00BN07Communication in Finnish for Students of Technology5
MA00BN08Communication in English for Students of Technology5
MA00BN10Basics of Physics for Students of Technology5
MAVAL2023S-1003Sosiaali- ja terveyden alakohtaiset opinnot20
MA00BN13Introduction to Mathematics in Heath Care and Social Services5
MA00BN11Communication in Finnish for Heath Care and Social Services5
MA00BN12Communication in English for Heath Care and Social Services5
MA00BN14Cultural Diversity in Heath Care and Social Services5