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Structure Type: Study module
Code: LT2023W-1001
Curriculum: LT 2023W
Level: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 110 cr
Responsible Teacher: Niittykoski, Jukka

Learning Outcomes

General and professional basic studies are obligatory and the same for all students. The goal is that the student will get a deeper understanding and knowledge for each professional area. He/she will develop from being a novice ti being a professional. The studies will generate both professional and general work skills.


General and Professional Basic Studies are divided into competence areas as follows: - Entrepreneurship- Business Economics and Legal norms - Research Process - Business Competence During the basic studies the student will also develop his/her generic competences, such as: - Learning competence - Ethical competence - Communicative and social competence - Development competence - Organisational and societal competence - Internationalisation competence