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Basics of Mathematical Software

Structure Type: Study unit
Code: IRTP0704
Type: Compulsory / Basic Studies
Curriculum: KT 2014V
Level: Bachelor of Engineering
Year of Study: 2 (2015-2016)
Credits: 2 cr
Responsible Teacher: Niemi, Henry
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Courses During the Academic Year 2015-2016

Impl.Group(s)Study TimeTeacher(s)LanguageEnrolment
7I-KT-2V2015-08-21 – 2015-10-31Jarmo MäkeläFinnish2015-08-14 – 2015-09-13
8I-RT-2N2015-09-01 – 2015-10-31Jussi Ojanen, Mikko RantaFinnish2015-08-14 – 2015-09-13

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Learning Outcomes

The practical calculations in engineering are nowadays performed, almost exclusively, by computers. It is therefore necessary for an engineer to master the use of various mathematical softwares. During this course a student is made familiar, first of all, with the use of the so-called MathCad software in the solution of mathematical problems. With this software it is possible to perform numerical, as well as symbolic calculations, plot graphs, etc. After the course the student will know how to apply the MathCad software in problem solving in all those branches of mathematics and engineering she is made familiar with during her studies.

Student's Workload

The total amount of student's work is 54 h, which contains 30 h of contact studies.
The assessment of student’s own learning 1 h is included in contact lessons.


A short overview to mathematical software, the use of mathCAD in sovling technical-mathematical problems. Applications related to construction engineering.

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

Niemi, H: MathCad-esimerkkejä; the material prepared by the teachter.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Contact teaching in groups in the PC class. The working of the mathematical software is presented with a data projector. Supervised practising with a computer. Independent computer exercises under quidance of the lecturer. Independent study of the properties of MathCad and computer exercises out of the hours reserved for contact teaching.

Assessment Criteria

Grade 1: The student knows those subjects of the course, which are necessary for the forthcoming studies and working life.

Grade 3: The student is well-abled to utilize the course contents.

Grade 5: The student is able to apply creatively the contents of the course.

Assessment Methods

An examination with a PC and compulsory computer exercises.