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Product Design

Structure Type: Study unit
Code: IKTS1111
Type: Optional obligatory / Professional Studies
Curriculum: KT 2014
Level: Bachelor of Engineering
Year of Study: 2 (2015-2016)
Credits: 5 cr
Responsible Teacher: Makkonen, Matti
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Learning Outcomes

The student adobts the design process of capacity and power calculation of machines. He/she learns the design principle of different kind of machineries and associated structures. He/she learns to select and to design standard machine components found on the market. The student is able to search the design instructions of the manufacturers an to use them in the design work.
Special attention will be laid on design of drive machineries and their components.

Student's Workload

Total work load of the course: 135 h
- of which scheduled studies: 70 h
- of which autonomous studies: 65 h

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Machine Elements IKTA0403


The whole design process of a simple machine will be simulated. Emphasis is on the selection of structrural parts and main components according to manufacturers instructions and web sites. Earlier courses will also be utilised (Mechanics of materials, statics, machine elements, FEM, 3D design etc.).
A complete 3D assembly shall be constructed along the process.

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

Network material, manufacturers' manuals.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures, design and calculation exercises.

Assessment Criteria

5: The student is able to utilise the methods learnt during the study unit independently and is able apply the learnt knowledge in new contexts.
3: The student is able to utilise the methods learnt during the study unit independently.
1: The student is able, with guidance, to utilise the methods learnt during the study unit.

Assessment Methods

Classroon activity, Moodle-exams, calculation execises and assignment.