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Organizational Development

Structure Type: Study unit
Code: TL00BD19
Curriculum: HY 2024T
Level: Master of Business Administration
Year of Study: 1 (2024)
Semester: Autumn
Credits: 5 cr
Responsible Teacher: Koskinen, Ossi
Language of Instruction: English

Courses During the Year 2024

Impl.Group(s)Study TimeTeacher(s)Language
3004IBM2024-1Y, IPM2024T-1, TPM2024-12024-08-19 – 2024-12-20Ossi KoskinenEnglish

Learning Outcomes

The student:
- understands the premise of organizational change (management)
- understands the importance to perceive objectively the current state of the organization and the focal role of the direction of the change
- evaluate the development needs at a workplace and map different development methods
- illustrate which factors support or hinder the renewal of an organization

Student's Workload

The total workload of the course 135 h, of which scheduled studies 24 h and autonomous studies 111 h.
The assessment of student's own learning 1 h is included in contact lessons.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses



- The definition of innovation management and change management.
- Regeneration and innovativeness of an organization.
- Planning and implementing the change process
- The focal role of the upper and middle management in the organizational change

Recommended or Required Reading and Other Learning Resources/Tools

Material pointed out by the lecturer

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures and workshops 24 h, autonomous studying 111 h (total. 135 h).

Assessment Criteria

Level 1: The student
- describes some attributes of the principals of innovation and change management
- describes some attributes of the methods in working life development or innovation activities
Level 3: The student
- describes the methods of innovation and change management and applies this knowledge in a known context
- evaluates the development needs of a workplace and applies this knowledge in a known context
Level 5: The student
- Can evaluate extensively and anticipate the needs of change in working
Can evaluate in an organized way the need for regeneration of an organization and apply the methods of innovation and change management in a new context with proper and analytic justifications

Assessment Methods

Autonomous course assignments and activity of participation to the course, numeric evaluation (0–5).